mission statement:

to capture the color, the humor and the beauty of those in-between moments that can be easily overlooked. I want you to capture how loved you are so you can be reminded when your kids have grown and everything is different. I want to capture the way you feel about the people in the images, so those photos act as a portal to another time and place. even if your family is currently in a transitional time, separated, divorced or going through a challenging stage, you deserve to have photos to look back on so feel free to reach out and ask questions about navigating unique or delicate situations.

I am very proud to consider myself an inclusive photographer of all people and families including those in the LGBTQ+ community, as well as any person regardless of race, religion, culture, etc. I also have experience and love working with people with special needs as well. 

now, get to really know me by taking a peek through my work. this would be a good starting point. I encourage you to get lost in it. if any of it speaks to you then we are probably a good fit. 

my services include: documenting families, kids, newborn babes, expecting parents, couples - young and old, individual portraits, commercial/product, interiors, adoption book photos, small gatherings/parties and more. if you feel like I would be a good fit for your project, go ahead and reach out.

although I'm based in texas, I love to travel for work & fun. no matter where you are in the world, click here to inquire.

photo by Jenna Elliot

kelly christine sutton

fun facts: self-taught juggler, fashion design major and former stained glass maker.
hails from:  the east texas pineywoods in a tiny town called golden.
now resides in: east dallas 4evr.
used to live: in a tiny house on wheels.
married: to my high school sweetheart, canaan adam.
mama: to a boy named samwise and a cat named minnow.
first camera: kodak point-and-shoot, age 14.
favorite camera: my 1980's 35mm nikkormat.
favorite photo subjects: kiddos first and foremost but also love photographing people who love each other, especially grandparents, as well as dreamy interiors, good food and anything travel-related.
love: traveling, tacos, sweater weather, shooting film for fun, halloween and estate sales. 

Clients include

HGTV, Brian Patrick Flynn, Pottery Barn, Shutterfly, Universal Music Group, Sandbox Entertainment, Kacey Musgraves, Art Carved, The Simple Sol, Jan Showers, The Color Condition, Ascot + Hart, Bows and Arrows Flowers, Kaitlyn Coffee, Gaia Empowered Women, Camille Styles, Favor the Kind, Claire Zinnecker, A Beautiful Mess and more

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• Dallas, Texas and beyond
• Info@kellychristinephoto.com
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